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My name is Rob Swan and in the past I have raised beef and pork on a small scale for my family, friends and those I work with. Even though my main business is Real Estate I do have a degree in Agriculture and Resource Economics. I have always enjoyed raising livestock and spend countless hours learning everything I can from others in the industry and reading an unbelievable amount of literature in the pursuit of always trying to do a better job for the animals and my customers. 

I now have moved this passion from my small circle of friends to others who wish to have better quality meat products. I buy young cattle and raise them through what is referred to as the finishing phase, this is the last phase of growth prior to harvest. 

Our cattle are put on pasture until they reach a certain size, at that point they are still fed grass but grains are also added to their diet which adds marbling and flavor. These grains include spent grain from our local brewery, The Red River Brewing Company. This brewery grain is normally discarded after the brewing process, however, since we have incorporated it into our feeding program, it no longer goes to waste and is instead reincorporated into the food cycle. This spent grain is high in protein and the cattle love it. 

Besides the desire to produce quality meats, I also want to do what I can to help the local economy. Right now our cattle breeders are selling their animals at livestock auctions, which the cattle inevitably end up at large out of state processing plants only to be sold back to our local grocery stores for retail purchase. What this means is that the vast majority of the profit is taken out of state. 

I buy all cattle locally, use local processors, and sell to local families which closes the economic loop and does a small part to boost the local economy. 

Please feel free to reach out if you ever have any questions




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