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How much Beef will I actually receive?

Not every part of a beef cow is edible, so the big question is, How much beef will I actually receive? 

So let's start at the beginning, most beef cattle are ready to be harvested somewhere between 800 and 1000 lbs live weight or what is also referred to as "On The Hoof".

To make the math easy, lets say your particular animal has a on the hoof weight of 900 lbs. 

Of this live weight you can expect a hanging weight of 60% to 65% . Hanging or carcass weight is the weight after the non edible parts have been removed. This is what will be placed into the cooler for aging. 

Of this hanging weight, 60% to 63% will actually end up as cut and wrapped meat. 

Lets average both of these percentages to 62 % 

Here is the math:

900 x .62 = 558 lbs hanging or carcass weight

558 lbs x .62 = 345 lbs of cut and wrapped beef

This number can vary depending upon your preference of cuts.

What is the difference between Grain Finished and Grass Finished?

The term "Finishing" refers to the last period of time before harvesting. This period of time is critical to the character of the final product.

Grain Finished - Refers to the cattle being fed grains and grass during the final phase leading up to harvest. These grains are higher in protein and fat which increase intramuscular fat also know as "marbling". This marbling creates a lighter flavor and "juicier" cut. Grain finished cattle tend to have heavier carcass weight then Grass finished cattle due to more rapid weight gains in the final phase.

Grass Finished - Refers to the cattle being fed grass up until the time of harvest. Grass finished beef tends to be leaner and have a more "Beefier" taste. These characteristics are due to the fact that grass tends to have lower protein and fat content which is translated into the final product. Grass finished cattle of similar age and breed tend to be slightly lighter in finished weigh due to daily weight gains being less than those who have been fed grain.  

By default all of our cattle are grain and grass fed in the final phase to achieve our desired outcome. If you would like strictly "Grass" finished beef, please let us know and we will do what we can to accommodate you. 

How do I receive my Beef?

Unfortunately at this time, we do not ship. You will pick up your beef at the processor. We will provide directions when we notify you of your pickup date. 

When will I receive my beef?

We do not have beef stocked in coolers waiting to be purchased. Your beef will be fresh from the ranch to the processor and then to you. We have cattle in different stages of growth and as soon as they are ready for harvest they are delivered to the processor. The first question on the order form will ask you the approximate time frame you would like to take delivery. Keep in mind that we are a small producer and availability is limited. 

How big of a freezer do I need?

For a Half Beef you will need a 10 cubic ft freezer

For a Whole Beef you will need a 20 cubic ft freezer

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