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Did you know you can order custom cuts? Have some fun, a custom cut is a cut that you don't normally see in the supermarket. Tomahawk Steaks, Thor Hammers etc. Here is an easy cut that you don't see in the Supermarket and and a great recipe to go with it.

Beef Shanks Cooked Into Ossobuco - The meat from beef shanks is normally cut into stew meat or thrown in the pile to be turned into ground beef. If you do this, you are missing out, beef shank is fantastic. It is dark red in color and usually very tender.

Ossobuco is an Italian dish made from these shanks and the recipe is really easy. First, coat the shanks in butter then sear them until brown in a Dutch oven on the burner. Remove the shanks then sauté a whole onion and some garlic in butter until fragrant. Once these ingredients are sautéed, add half a cup of white wine to deglaze the Dutch oven then add a half cup of beef broth and one can of tomatoes. Place shanks back into the sauce and bake at 300 for 4 to 5 hours.

Best served with fresh mashed potatoes.


Beef Shanks

One Onion and Garlic (to taste)

One can of tomatoes

White Wine

Beef Broth

Thanks Kristina Tjernlund for the recipe

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